Throwback Thursday: 10 Year Old GIGABYTE Board Still Kickin’

Welcome again to Throwback Thursday, our weekly spot where we revive a notable moment from history. This week we drift our minds back to a day in 2012 when the marketing department at GIGABYTE HQ ran a contest called the ‘Hidden Gems’ competition on their Facebook page inviting all their fans to upload either photos or videos of their old GIGABYTE motherboard. The idea was to enjoy a nostalgic look at the company’s boards with prizes awarded for the most popular.

The winning submission was in fact a video from Victoria Chudinova from the Ukraine. Her video submission contained a GIGABYTE GA-586T2 board that originates from 1998. The board supports Cyrix MII, IBM/6x86MX and AMD K6-2/400 processors. What’s even more remarkable (and let’s be honest the cinematography and presentation of the video itself is pretty damn remarkable) is that the video features Victoria entering BIOS, installing Windows 98 and then cranking up a game of Need for Speed II. Back in 2012, this is what a besotted Massman had to say:

“One of the videos that caught the eye of GIGABYTE's Tim Handley is this one. Just have a look at it, very good video! It kind of makes me want to buy the GA-586T2 mainboard.”

You can find the original post from July 20th 2012 here. If you haven’t checked out the video, do yourself a favor and click here.

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