Summer OC Party: Meet the Participants, a Fly-on-the-Wall OC Event Video

As you may or may not know last weekend a bunch of (mostly) US, and Canadian overclockers got together for an Overclocking party in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Dubbed the Northeast Summer OC Party the event was notable for a) the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and b) the amount of LN2 made available to all in attendance. One of the cooler moments came about when Trouffman and Xyala did a tour of the room to check out who was in attendance and have a brief chat about what each bencher was doing in terms of platform and benchmark focus.

One thing that was pretty notable about the Summer OC Party was that it was organized, pretty much top to bottom, by two overclockers who pitched the idea to the HWBOT community and got sponsors Corsair involved. Stefan (Funsoul) and Joe (Steponz) did all the heavy lifting in terms of logistics and organizing, making it on of the most enjoyable OC events in the US so far this year. Great work guys!

As you can see from the video (click the image on the left), around fifteen overclockers made it to Harrisburg, including prominent members of the HWBOT community such as Stephonz, Splave, marc0053 plus several lesser known overclockers, some of whom were actually benching on LN2 for the first time.

Make sure you check out the ‘Meet the Participants’ video which was in fact originally broadcast as part of the live stream on the last day. It’s a real fly-on-the-wall view of a very relaxed, social and fun OC event. Something I know the community in the US would like to make happen much more often.

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