[HWBOT X] OC School at Dreamhack Valencia

Spain recently saw its first ever Overclocking event ever held at a major LAN party, in this case we’re talking about Dreamhack in Valencia. The event was organised by local overclocker ChentinoX, the current Spanish No.3, with support from sponsors GIGABYTE, Antec and HWBOT X. The OC School featured presentations, workshops and most importantly, a competitive OC contest hosted on OC-ESPORTS.

Running from Thursday July 14th to Saturday 16th, the first day involved getting up to speed with what Overclocking actually is, with presentations on the main stage and workshops to teach attendees the basics of overclocking. Topics included how to use the system’s BIOS, adjust CPU frequencies, multipliers, the processors uncore, how to improve memory latencies and above all how to control things like MHz, voltages and heat.

An overview of various benchmarks was also covered as well as more advanced areas such as volt modding and CPU delidding. Let’s just say that attendees were treated to a full-on, comprehensive introduction to the world of overclocking.

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