HardwareAsylum Podcast #66a - Details from LA and City of Industry Highlights

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“This summer Dennis took a rather short 3 day trip to Los Angeles, California to visit with some of the hardware manufacturers who support Hardware Asylum. The trip included visits with EVGA, Thermaltake, Gigabyte and Zotac on Day One, plus Cooler Master, InWIn and HyperX on Day Two.”

“While a trip like this seems simple for those living in California it becomes increasingly more difficult the further away you live. For Dennis this ment catching a flight from Boise to LA, renting a car and carefully planning where to be with estimations on meeting length and drive time. To complicate matters the US offices he visited are not open to the public and are often located in an unmarked industrial building with active security.”

Catch the full podcast from Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain here on HardwareAsylum.

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