K|NGP|N Breaks 1x GPU 3DMark11 Performance Global First Place with 37K+ Score

Perennial GPU pusher K|NGP|N has been at it again, this time pushing a GTX 980 Ti to insane heights to break the single GPU global ranking in 3DMark11 Performance. In fact the new score smashes past the 37K barrier without so much as a glance over the shoulder.

A score of 37,423 is now the highest score from any single GPU system and was made using a Broadwell-E Core i7 6950X pumped to 5.2GHz (+73.33% beyond stock), joined by a GTX 980 Ti with the GPU clocked at 2,189MHz (+103.44%) and graphics memory clocked at 2,170MHz (+23.79%). A pretty incredible set up. The card in question is in fact an EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Kingpin Edition and was cooled by Vince’s very own TEK9-FAT LN2 pot and a whole load of LN2.

The score earns K|NGP|N a tidy 118.2 points for the single GPU world ranking, plus 30.2 hardware points for the GTX 980 Ti ranking. You can check out the submission from K|NGP|N here, as well as all the single GPU 3DMark 11 Performance rankings here.

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