Xtreme Addict Tops Overclocking League, Dancop Fights Back with GPUPI Global 1st Place

At the summit of global overclocking we have a real fight on our hands with two giants of the game going all out to prove their dominance. At the end of last week we chronicled how Polish overclocker Xtreme Addict managed to push past the clutches of Germany’s Dancop to become World No.1, breaking two Catzilla World records along the way. Despite the best efforts of Dancop to regain his No.1 title, for now at least Xtreme Addict remains our current No.1.

You certainly get the feeling however that these two buddies are not going to give up easily and allow the other to enjoy the ascendancy. No chance. In fact Dancop has already launched defense of his throne with a Global 1st Place GPU PI 1B score that at least keeps things really tight at the top. A score of 12sec 798ms was submitted using a Core i7 6950X clocked at a massive 5,261.39MHz, +75.38% beyond the deca-core CPU’s defaults. In terms of GPU Dancop used a GTX 1080 with the Pascal core squeezed to 2,505.5MHz, an awesome +55.91%.

The score beats the previous best of 13sec 242ms held by Xtreme Addict and earns Dancop a 117.2 points for the global 1st Place plus 6.6 hardware points for the GTX 1080 ranking. Every point counts at right now of course as Dancop sits just Xtreme Addict enjoys a lead of only 33 points. It will interesting to see how these two react in the days to come. Watch this space.

You can catch the GPU PI 1B submission from Dancop here, as well as the full world overclocking rankings here.

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