Challenger Divisions, Round 2: Prize Draw Winners Announced

The curtain was drawn on the second round of the Challenger Divisions on OC-ESPORTS a few weeks ago. Today however we are proud to announce the winners of the lucky prize draw for each division. Two great prizes were up for grabs for each division and included a HyperX Savage DDR4 2666 8GB kit (HX426C13SBK2/8), plus a HyperX Savage 120GB SSD (SHSS37A/120G). Winners were drawn at random. Here is a full breakdown of the lucky overclockers:

The following overclockers will each receive a HyperX Savage DDR4 Kit:

  • Division I - Digg_de
  • Division II - Lochekey
  • Division III - xXbladeXx
  • Division IV - mirzet1976
  • Division V - max1024
  • Division VI - StingerYar
  • Division VII - Martin White
  • The following overclockers will be sent a HyperX Savage 120GB SSD:

  • Division I - Pedro2553
  • Division II - SergeyR
  • Division III - MetalRace
  • Division IV - Darky
  • Division V - Sweet
  • Division VI - FoX_UA
  • Division VII - pipes
  • Congrats to all the winners in Round 2 of this season’s Challenger Divisions. Remember that you can find more information about scores, submissions and prizes here, here and here on OC-ESPORTS.


    Belarus max1024 says:

    Congrats to all !!! It is my first prize ))))

    United States Mr.Scott says:

    max1024 said: Congrats to all !!! It is my first prize ))))

    Fairly certain it won't be your last. ;)

    France Martin White says:

    Thanks for these competitions.

    Ukraine FoX_UA says:

    Ty HWBOT! This SSD will be included in my bench rig for sure! =)

    Argentina Sweet says:

    Ohhhh thanks so much Hwbot, second time a prize, are you sure ? Yeaahhhhh :eek:

    United States Lochekey says:

    Hey guys thanks for this definitely appreciated

    Belarus max1024 says:

    Who wants to exchange won SSD on DDR4? SSD is much better for me.

    Ukraine StingerYar says:

    Congrats to all winners, and thanks HWBOT for memory! :)

    Italy xXbladeXx says:

    thanks hwbot :)

    United States MetalRacer says:

    My SSD arrived yesterday! Many thanks HWBOT!

    Germany Digg_de says:

    Memory recieved yesterday, picked up today.. thanks for the Lucky Draw Prize. :)

    I thought the Memory Winners getting a 8GB Kit (2x4GB?), but i've recieved a 8GB Single Stick. :D


    France Martin White says:

    Me too. I received 1 stick of 8GB HX426C13SB2/8 :/ But thank Kingston for the gift of sending speed.

    Australia ozzie says:

    congrats to all winners, it does state a kit of ddr4 ram, as far as i know a KIT consists of 2 modules, not 1 ram module, supposed to be a matched set

    Belarus max1024 says:

    Now I have got my Prize =)

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