Dhenzjhen Breaks GPUPI 1B World Record with 11 Tesla Workstation Cards

Sometimes get the feeling that it’s always the other guys that gets to have all fun? Be warned. You’re about to have that feeling right now. Dhenzjhen is the Philippines current No.1 overclocker and is also currently ranked No.6 in the world. While he’s not in a fight for dual-core CPU dominance he can be found testing some seriously impressive server rigs. Recently he’s been playing with a server that runs a pair of Intel Xeon E5 2689 v4 Broadwell-EP chips, plus eleven Nvidia Tesla workstation cards. Envious yet?

Using the server rig mentioned above dhenzjhen was able to submit a new World Record score for GPUPI 1B of 2sec 485ms, just ahead of Bulgaria’s OLDcomer who held the previous best score of 2sec 502ms using eight Radeon R9 290X cards. The new record takes advantage of the latest M40 Tesla workstation cards. The system packed 10 of theses 250 watt beasts, each of which has a Maxwell-based GM200 GPU (with 3072 Nvidia CUDA cores per chip) and a healthy 24GB of GDDR5 memory. The cards were run at stock settings and were joined by an additional Nvidia M4 card. Did I mention however that the pair of 10 core (20 thread) Broadwell-EP E5 2689 v4 processors were pushed to a tasty 3,700MHz (+32.14%)?

Apart from setting the hearts of on looking overclockers aflutter, dhenzjhen also earned himself a 100 points for the World Record, 39.5 points for the multiple GPU (database doesn’t recognize more than four) 1st place ranking, plus 2 hardware points for the Tesla cards. You can check out the submission from Dhenzjhen for yourself here.

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