Xtreme Addict (Briefly) Takes World No1. Ranking from Dancop

The battle for top spot in the HWBOT world rankings is really heating up. Dancop has pretty much had the throne all to himself since 8 pack abdicated several months ago. Since then Xtreme Addict has been edging his way up ever closer. Remarkably, in the last few hours we have seen XA claim the celebrated top spot, if only briefly, as Dancop almost immediately struck back to reclaim it for himself. Currently the two sit in the top two spaces with Dancop enjoying a slim lead of just 63.7 points.

In the last few days we have plotted the gradual ascension of Xtreme Addict to the throne of world overclocking, the HWBOT World No1 ranking. On Tuesday we noted how XA had accrued a massive 884 points with 20 submissions in the space of just 24 hours, an achievement based on XA digging through his hardware locker and collecting hardware points with older Intel Core Duo processors. Just yesterday we found XA (literally) breaking Catzilla 720p and 1440p World Records using triple and quad SLI’d GTX 980 Ti cards and an i7 6950X .

It seems all of this work has paid off as he briefly managed to take top spot earlier today. Top spot was taken with an XTU submission using an i3 6320 processor to hit a score of 742 marks. Despite being only the 52nd highest ranked score on HWBOT, the popularity of XTU means that XA garnered a substantial 166.44 global points, plus 29.4 hardware points – more enough to carry him over the line to 1st place.

Dancop then retook the 1st place with two submissions. Firstly he submitted a 3DMark05 score of 78,422 marks using a Core i7 6700K and a GeForce GTX 580. This gave him 48.9 hardware points. Secondly he enjoyed a turn on the XTU floor, also using the Core i3 6320 (remarkably scoring identically to XA with 742 points) which earned the German 166.4 Global points, 29.6 hardware points and his OC throne back.

You know when these guys turn to dual core i3 processors on XTU that things are getting a touch scrappy, but it’s also an indication of how competitive these two friends really are. Congrats to Xtreme Addict for reaching the summit of Global Overclocking. Congrats also to Dancop for the swift retort. One thing is for certain – don’t take your eyes off this space. It could get messy.

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