Throwback Thursday: Turrican Runs Wprime 1024M for 50 days and 50 nights ...

Today, as part of our Throwback Thursday series, we pay homage to a late, great member of the HWBOT team and a day back in July 2010 when he did something so remarkable it’s actually well worth revisiting. Turrican, known to many on HWBOT simply as Karl, was legend in terms of his dedication to overclocking. We take you back to a day six years ago when he proved just how dedicated he really was.

On July 7th 2010 we posted a quick news piece which revealed how he had actually attempted to complete a Wprime 1024M run using a vary much outdated and Intel i486DX, a single core 24MHz processor that was available on the market in the early 1990’s. Wprime 1024M is known as a slow 2D benchmark, even today, a Core i7 6950X needs the best part of a minute to complete a run. However, using a 24MHz CPU from 1990 takes considerably longer. How’s about 50 days and nights!

Here’s what Massman had to say in a newsflash article back in 2010:

“I'm certainly not lying when I say I’m an absolute overclocking addict. Be it testing the newest hexa-cores, a couple of videocards in multi-GPU configuration, or breaking out the old K6/2 and Pentium 2 ... I'll enjoy it all. What I have not done before, however, is run a benchmark for 50 DAYS in a row!”

“Austrian Hardware Master Turrican, however, is a tad more crazy than I am, it seems. Not only did he keep an i468SX running for 50 days to complete a run of Wprime 1024M, he also found a "bug" in the HWBOT database ... apparently it's "impossible" to submit a score carrying seven digits. Lame, server, very very lame!”

Catch the full post from July 7th 2010 here.

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