[PRO OC] DDR4 4x4GB Overclocking: Motherboard Challenge

Elite Overclocker and current World No.2, Michal “Xtreme Addict” Vobozil examines the issues involved with DDR4 4x4GB overclocking at maximum efficiency levels, comparing and testing Z170 motherboards from four major vendors.

Featuring HyperX Fury DDR4 Memory: Today I bring you another article for both the Extreme OC Community [XOC] and daily OC enthusiasts, this time focusing on 24/7 stability with proper (tight) settings with all memory DIMM slots filled. I hope the information gathered in this article will help users to forget about Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (“XMP”) and unleash the full potential of their systems.

I have tried to included lot of detailed information in this article, combining a memory setting guide with OC tests of four popular motherboards. The results present us with a lot of interesting facts. Let’s look at MSI’s case – a strong connection with Kingston HyperX and full cooperation to make the HOT Final as good as it could be results in a very mature, fine-tuned BIOS for Hynix AFR memories. This is one of the facts why extreme overclocking is important and how it affects daily enthusiasts – where there is a demand for the best possible performance/result, more engineers are involved into making the product flawless. Please note that for the test I used the newest BIOS, and indeed it included the implementation of all HOT BIOS tweaks.

Full article at OC-ESPORTS.io

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