Rookies Help Rookies: Optimized AMD Benching with 3DMark11 Physics

Last Friday we added a new sub-forum to the HWBOT forum called Rookies Help Rookies. The idea was quite simple; to create a space where less experienced overclockers can share information and help each other progress.

In the spirit of sharing and helping, HWBOT member mickulty just kicked off a thread in the new Rookies Help Rookie sub-forum entitled ‘How I got a high 3dmark physics score in the Rookie Rumble’. In response to a PM from a fellow Rookie overclocker, Mickulty (who is the current No1. rookie on HWBOT btw) offers several insights and advice on the topic of optimizing and improving your 3DMark11 Physics score when using AMD hardware. His advice includes the choice of AMD Phenom processor, the advantages of also using pushing you’re the GPU and how optimize the OS and memory timings to the most out of your hardware.

Thanks for sharing mickulty. It’s clearly advice that’s worth taking on board as mickulty has gone from scoring 4,871 Points in 3Dmark11 Physics (a score that helped him seal runner up spot in the AMD Rookie Rumble #29 contest), to an improved score of 4,982 points which is currently the second highest ever recorded using an AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE processor.

If you have more to add, or experiences to share with the Rookie community, go ahead and have your say here on the Rookie Help Rookies sub-forum.

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