Xtreme Addict Earns 884 Points in 24 Hours with Just 20 Submissions

The action at the very pinnacle of the overclocking world is heating up with World No.2 Xtreme Addict pulling out all the stops to make ground on his closest rival, World No.1 Dancop from Germany. They currently sit just over two hundred points apart at the top of the global overclocking rankings. In fact things have not been quite as close as this for quite some time, and a huge part of that is down to the enormous efforts made recently by Poland's Xtreme Addict.

The massive effort to catch up with Dancop can be summed up with a profound benching session on Monday 18th 2016 that saw the prolific Pole earn himself a massive points boost of 884.2 points. This would be amazing enough in itself but when you consider that these points were earned with just 20 submissions, all made within a single 24 period, it really is time to break out the applause button.

How has XA achieved this? It’s interesting to note that the majority of benchmark submissions made have been using older hardware running classic benchmarks. Many of the scores submitted are in fact using CPUs that hark back to the LGA775 platforms of yesteryear. Xtreme Addict has been popping global 1st places and sweeping up hardware points using Intel processors from the Core Duo series including the Q6600, E6750, E6600, E6400 and E6300 – all on benchmarks like Wprime, SuperPi, CPU Frequency and Pifast among others. Revising old hardware may seem like a slightly odd way to accrue points, but regardless of the pure graft involved, it’s started looking like a winning strategy.

Check out Xtreme Addict’s recent activity here on his profile page, and you will soon see what I mean. It’s certainly reveals one of the most productive Monday’s we’ve ever seen from one overclocker. Well done Michal!

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