Sofos1990 Claims 3Dmark03 1x GPU Global 1st Place Ranking

Greek OC master Sofos1990 is back in action. Having recently launched an assault on several 2D benchmarks (including 1st place rankings in Wprime, Pifast and GPUPI) he has clearly decided to get back on his 3D horse toady, taking down the 3DMark03 single GPU Global 1st Place ranking with a score of 307,894 marks.

The new record score edges past the previous 1st place ranking held by Dancop by a significant margin of 2,915. It was produced using a Skylake core i7 6700K chip ramped up to 6,700MHz (67.5%) with, more importantly, a Galax HoF GeForce GTX 980 Ti card with the GPU pushed to a massive 2,000MHz which is actually an astounding +85% past Nvidia's stock specs. The card’s GDD5 memory was also pushed by 25.5% to hit a frequency of 2,200MHz. Other hardware involved includes a GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force LN2 motherboard and a pair of Galax DDR4 memory DIMMs clocked at 1,799MHz.

Sofos1990 has actually leaped a few places in the global overclocking rankings, recently pushing past some genuinely strong competition including der8auer, dhenzjhenon and Alex@ro on the leaderboard. This 3DMark03 score will do his cause no harm at all earning him 40 points for being 4th fastest ever on the benchmark, plus 116 points for the 1x GPU ranking and 18 more for the GTX 90 Ti hardware ranking.

Check out the 3DMark03 ranking from Sofos1990 for yourself here, plus the entire 1x GPU rankings for the benchmark here.

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