Elmor Pushes AMD Radeon RX 480 to 1.7GHz on LN2

Hot on the heel of yesterday’s news post were we highlighted the fact that Elmor and der8auer had been pushing the latest RX 480 card from AMD, today we confirm that extreme sub-zero overclocking is well underway. Elmor in fact just posted a screenshot that confirms his LN2 cooled RX 480 card has now reached 1.7GHz.

Configured at 1.7GHz the AMD RX 480, accompanied by an i7 6950X clocked at 3.5GHz, managed a 3DMark Fire Strike score of 13,629 marks. Using an EVC mod (covered yesterday) he managed to raise the voltage VDDC to 1.5 volts.

Elmor also submitted a score of 14,797 marks to HWBOT using tweaked drivers at a lower frequency of 1.65GHz, proving that his Polaris chip probably more left in the locker. It’s the highest of nine submissions using that particular card so far on HWBOT, way ahead of Russia’s Gorod on 14,058 marks.

You can check out a screen shot of the 1.7GHz run here on a forum post on the Elmor's lab thread. You can also check out the score submission from Elmor here on HWBOT. You can also find all current RX 480 single GPU results for Fire Strike here.

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