GPU-Z No Longer in Beta – Version 1.9.0 Released, Polaris and Pascal Optimized

Today is special celebratory day for GPU-Z users as TechPowerUp have just launched the first ever non-Beta version of the popular GPU utility. Allow me to introduce you to GPU-Z 1.9.0. Here is the change-log including all the bug fixes and optimizations covered in the new version:

  • - Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • - Fixed BIOS saving on AMD Polaris
  • - Fixed default clock reading on AMD Polaris
  • - Added transistor count for AMD Ellesmere
  • - Added support to indicate SLI high-speed bridge status
  • - Fixed incorrect sensor readings when AMD GPU is disabled or no driver installed
  • - Fixed BIOS saving on NVIDIA GTX 690
  • - Switched to https when connecting to TPU server
  • - Added support for NVIDIA GT 730 (GK107), GeForce 940MX

According to btarunr:

”With the latest version 1.9.0, GPU-Z is out of "beta." We chose 1.9.0 over the more sequential 1.0.0 as it presents better continuity and averts the confusion of 1.0.0 (read 1.0) somehow sounding older".

"Version 1.9.0 adds support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, GTX 940MX, and GT 740 (GK107). On machines with GeForce "Pascal" GPUs, it can also tell if you have an SLI HB bridge installed in your machine or a classic SLI bridge. This way you know if your pre-built OEM has cut-costs. GPU-Z can now reliably extract video BIOS from AMD "Polaris" GPUs such as the Radeon RX 480. Improvements were made to the way it reads engine clock on AMD "Polaris" GPUs. All communication between GPU-Z and TechPowerUp servers (such as voluntary BIOS uploads, validations, etc.) now happens over secure HTTPS."

Get hold of GPU-Z version 1.9.0 here on TechPowerUp, where you can also find the ASUS ROG skinned version for all you fanboys.

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