Challenger Division 2016, Round 2 Roundup: Part 2 - Divisions IV, V

Continuing our coverage of the Road to Pro Challenger Divisions on OC-ESPORTS, today we bring you a more detailed overview of Divisions IV and V. The Challenger Divisions is massive OC contest that offers opportunities to overclock pretty much every and any type of hardware you could imagine. The two divisions that we are looking at here are all about overclocking AMD CPUs and video cards. Let’s take a look at the scoring and submissions that took place in Round 2 of this year’s Road to Pro.

Allow me to introduce you to the most feared and dominant AMD enthusiast on OC-ESPORTS right now, the one and only SergeyR from the Ukraine. He is the overall winner of Division IV in Round 2 and it is in Stage 1 that we see the first signs of his substantial talent. [...] Well, it turns out that the AMD man of the moment is equally handy with an AMD APU. In Stage 1 however SergeyR didn’t quite make the grade and was outdone by Greek overclocker Demac who blew away the competition with a PiFast run of 19sec 750ms, some way ahead of SergeyR on 20sec 310ms. [...]

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