[HWBOT X] OC School at Dreamhack Valencia, Spain

Taking place in just a few days time we HWBOT X now has an event listing that will be good news to any Spanish enthusiasts looking to get involved in overclocking. The Dreamhack LAN event in Valencia, Spain is billed as one of Europe’s biggest digital festivals and features LAN gaming contests where hundreds of thousands of Euros in prize money is available. The great news is that overclocking will also be one of the attractions at the event.

Dreamhack Valencia kicks off next weekend, running from the 14th to the 17th of July. Things will start on the evening of Thursday the 14th with a presentation from the OC School on the Dreamhack mains stage where the key concepts of overclocking will be introduced to an audience of avid gamers and enthusiasts. Workshops will also be hosted later that day with contests held on Friday and Saturday. Thanks to sponsors GIGABYTE and ANTEC there will also be some prizes for the OC contest winners.

The main man behind the event is Vicente Centeno, also known to many as ChenenoX. You can find more details including contact details and more on the OC School at Dreamhack, Valencia event page on HWBOT X.

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