GPUPI 2.3 is Launched, Includes Optimizations for Cuda 8.0

GPUPI 2.3 is Launched, Includes Optimizations for Cuda 8.0

The latest 2.3 version of GPUPI is now available from where Mat has managed to include several optimizations that will be good news for anyone benching an Nvidia card including the latest Pascal-based 1XXX series. Older cards should also see an improvement, for example a GTX 750 Ti has seen performance of up to 10 seconds faster than with version 2.2. As well as these performance improvements there are also several other changes, outlined below in the following notes:

    Validation of partial results during the run: In GPUPI 2.2 and before only the final result was validated. The new version checks after every 4th loop, if the score is still alright. If an error occurs, the benchmarks stops. That should help especially with old or slow hardware to know as fast as possible the system is not stable/able to produce a good result.

    Validation of result files: You can check your sandbagging result files for validity now, so no tears any more when you upload your backup for a competition just to see that the file is corrupt.

    DPI Awareness ... or let's call it 4K ready: People tend to use 150% on smaller 4K monitors, which leads to wrong window sizes or even worse blurred fonts. GPUPI is now aware of the DPI settings the desktop uses and scales the fonts and windows for you.

    Improvements for the output: Added theoretical occupancy for CUDA kernels, memory allocation is now printed as MB instead of Bytes.

    The Legacy version: is now compiled with Visual Studio 2013 Update 5, so it has the same dependencies as the normal version of GPUPI. An important note here: I've seen people using this version for Windows 10 and newer graphics cards. Don't do this, this version is only for Windows XP and/or GeForce 200 series cards and it's definitely the slower choice and the Legacy version can not handle 4K screenshots due to it's older Windows libraries.

    Download the latest 2.3 version of GPUPI here at


Taiwan sdougal says:

Discuss here...

Austria _mat_ says:

Thanks to dhenzjhen I was able to fix a bug in Windows 7 where GPUPI would not start! I recompiled and reuploaded GPUPI 2.3, please redownload it if you have troubles.

Belgium Massman says:

Good Guy [MENTION=28169]dhenzjhen[/MENTION]

Austria _mat_ says:

I've got a small bugfix release ready that adds a few fixes and smaller improvements. Please update to GPUPI 2.3.1: [list]Bugfix for CUDA and SLI setups (thanks again dhenzjhen, you are saving my a$$!) Small bugfix for the invalidation watermark for invalid results[/list] Download:

Austria _mat_ says:

Okay, one last release for GPUPI today ... I promise. ;) GPUPI 2.3.2: [list]Improvements for saving and loading the option file.[/list] Download:

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

Oh will find moar bugs for you [emoji14] Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk

Austria _mat_ says:

And there it is ... another bug found by dhenzjhen and another minor release to fix it. :D GPUPI 2.3.3: [list][*]Bugfix for better synchronization when using a lot of graphics cards in parallel. [*]Small bugfix for the options file. [*]Bugfix for the Legacy version for GeForce 200 series cards.[/list] [b]Download:[/b] [url][/url]

Austria _mat_ says:

One last minor update for version 2.3: [b]GPUPI 2.3.4[/b] [list][*]Supporting Tesla graphics cards [*]Bugfix for synchronization of more than 8 devices [*]Cleanup for source code[/list] [b]Download:[/b] [url][/url] Many many thanks to dhenzjhen again, because of his support GPUPI is now better and more flexible than ever! If you haven't seen his score with 10 Tesla M40s you better do it now: [url=]dhenzjhen`s GPUPI - 1B score: 2sec 621ms with a GeForce GTX 1080[/url] (it's momentarily filed under GTX 1080 because the M40s are not in the database)

Hungary 73Kacsa says:

I got this error message:

Error: Error synchronizing device after kernel execution [unspecified launch failure]

What is the problem? I got his one with GTX 960 (4Gb), and I got with GTX 1060(1152shaders-3Gb) also both in win7 and in win 10 pro.

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