Challenger Division 2016, Round 2 Roundup: Part 1 - Divisions I, II and III

The second round of this year’s Challenger Division season just came to a close a few days ago on OC-ESPORTS, a vast contest that encompasses overclocking pretty much every type of hardware you could imagine. In part 1 one of this comprehensive roundup we focus on Divisions I, II and III, all of which are centered around modern day Intel processors. Let’s take a look at all the winners, scores and submissions that happened over the last two months.

Division I was won with a very dominant display from Greece’s $@39@ (any help with the pronunciation of this name is greatly appreciated - I’m going for seaga). $@39@ managed to win the contest with a points total that is just two points off maximum thanks to wins in all but one stage. [...] As with Division I, here in Division II we also have one overclocker managing to beat the opposition in all but one stage of the contest. [...] Division III turned out to be quite a close affair compared to the previous two with eventual winner Strong Island winning two stages of the contest to earn a total of 496.5 points.

Full Article at OC-ESPORTS

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