Sofos1990 Takes Wprime 1024M 4x CPU Global 1st Place Ranking

Greek OC master Sofos1990 has been busy once again, this time setting his sights at the Global 1st Place ranking for Wprime 1024M. Armed with a very capable Core i7 6700K processor Sofos managed to complete a Wprime 1024M run in just 1min 35sec 203ms, the fastest ever submitted at HWBOT using a quad-core CPU. Nice work.

The score was produced with his LN2 cooled 'Skylake' i7 6700K cranked all the way to 6,560MHz, a solid +64.00% beyond the chips stock settings. In terms of system memory the rig used a pair of GALAX Hall of Fame DDR4 sticks configured at 2,052.8MHz (CL12-12-12-28-1T). Other key hardware components include a GIGABYTE Z170-SOC Force LN2 motherboard and a Corsair 1500 watt PSU. The score beats the previous best submitted by World No.1 Dancop just five days ago, edging pasting the German by a fine margin of just 15 milliseconds.

Sofos1990 is a member of the HwBox Hellas O/C Team and a key member of the OC team at GIGABYTE. He’s certainly having a good time in recent months doing great work breaking records with Super Pi 32M and PiFast, all of which has elevated him to the lofty status as the current fifth best overclocker in the world. His work with Wprime 1024M will help him maintain that position earning him 110.7 points for the Global 1 Place ranking, plus 25.8 points for the i7 6700K ranking.

Check out the score submission from Sofos1990 here, as well as the overall quad-core CPU rankings for Wprime 1024M here.

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