HWBOT X Launches San Pedro Sula OC Event in Honduras, 1st Ever in Latin America

The first ever Latin American event organized in cooperation of HWBOT X has just been announced with the launch of the San Pedro Sula OC event in Honduras. The event will take place at the Unitec Campus in San Pedro and will offer classes where local students can be introduced to the basic concepts of overclocking with the long term goal of eventually building an Overclocking community in the region.

Organized by David Martinez from Masterbitzoc Reviews, the event is free to all thanks to support of sponsors Unitec, KLEVV, ID-Cooling and Gelid Solutions. PC setups will be available for attendees to use with tutorials based around the Intel XTU benchmark and tweaking utility. David had this to say:

“This workshop is not only a standalone gig. It is the beginning of a series of events that aim to gather people who are passionate about PC hardware and eager to learn about Overclocking. We take the first step towards lifting all the existing misconceptions about overclocking and leave the taboos behind.”

The event kicks off on Friday July 29th at 2pm. For more details, go to the HWBOT X event page here.

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