OC-ESPORTS Launches Cheapaz Chips Contest

Today we are happy to announce the latest overclocking contest on OC-ESPORTS with the inaugural season of the Cheapaz Chips contest. As the contest name might suggest, the idea of the contest is to get overclockers to put all of their ingenuity and passion into overclocking affordable, entry-level hardware that we could all afford to blow to pieces if inclined to do so. The first Cheapaz Chips season will run throughout the latter half of July and all of August 2016 with three stages suited to benching the Nvidia GT 710 graphics card, one of the cheapest entry-level graphics cards available today.

On essential element of the contest is the requirement to mod the GT 710 card. All submissions must be made with a modded card, which must to accompanied by a photo - all the more fun for those following the contest.

Full Article at OC-ESPORTS

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