Throwback Thursday: Chew* Wins HWBOT June OC Challenge

This week’s Throwback Thursday article takes us back to July 2010, almost exactly six years ago to the day, when HWBOT saw the conclusion of the June OC Challenge contest. The contest consisted of three stages involving the MaxxMem benchmark, any AMD processor and three types of DDR memory, i..e DDR, DDR2 and DDR3. The overall winner was American overclocker Chew* who won the contest with a total of 24 points.

The contest was actually one of the first to feature three separate stages. High flyers included some long forgotten overclockers renowned for their skills a tweaking system memory; Norway’s knopflerbruce, Moonman from Slovenia, .D3vil. from Iran and Austrian overclocker Hampti. Interestingly the runner-up was some Belgian fella called Massman. Wonder what happened to him…

Here’s excerpt from the winners article posted on July 5th 2010:

“For the first time, an HWBOT OC Challenge featured three different stages. Although all three stages were very similar in style, each required a different approach and different accents to be won. In the end, USA overclocker Chew*, known for his in-depth knowledge on AMD overclocking, took the win. Hampti, Chew* and yours truly Massman took one of the stage wins.”

“It was most certainly an interesting challenge. Not only because of the impressive memory frequencies that were reached on an AMD platform, but also because of the choice of mainboard and CPU proved to be vital for winning the competition. The less cache on board, the more performance. The higher the CPU frequency, the higher the score … switching from mainboard A to mainboard B sometimes led to a significant drop in performance and so on. In the end, a lot of testing was needed.”

You can find the original contest page here, plus the full article from 2010 here.

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