Strong Island Hits Sub-6 Seconds on Wprime 32M with Core i3 6100

Recently we’ve quite a bit of action in the 2x CPU space, largely thanks to the arrival of BIOSes that support non-K SKU overclocking. In recent weeks for example we’ve seen a fight break out between Dhenzjhen and Strong Island with 2x CPU Global 1st Places in HWBOT Prime changing hands several times and also Orion24 competing on GPUPI 1B. Today however String Island has hit back at the dual-core crowd with a totally exceptional submission in Wprime 32M, scoring under 6 seconds using a Core i3 6100.

The score of 5sec 984ms submitted by Strong Island (currently 4th in the Extreme League on HWBOT) was achieved with an i3 6100 pushed to 6,508.4MHz, a whopping +75.90% beyond the chip’s stock settings. In terms of memory the American used a ZADAK511 (Samsung B-Die) DDR4 kit at 1,878MHz (CL12.0 12-12-28 1T) installed on an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard.

For context, the previous fastest dual-core Wprime 32M run came from the Philippine’s dhenzjhen just under a month ago, who also used an i3 6100 (clocked at 6,426MHz) to hit a score of 6sec 77ms. The new high score from Strong Island blows that out of the water to the tune of 93 milliseconds. Generally speaking it’s actually pretty remarkable to see a $120 processor break the 6 seconds barrier, and further evidence that an Core i3 ‘K’ SKU would be popular with enthusiasts and overclockers.

The Global 1st Place ranking earns Strong Island 108 points for the 2x CPU ranking, plus 7.9 points for the Core i3 6100 ranking. Good work sir! You check out the submission for yourself here, plus the Wprime 2x CPU rankings here.

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