Galaxy's custom GeForce GTX 470 gets pictured

Not entirely sure what to think of it; if changing the sticker is already customizing, I should be able to sell a couple of customized 'HWBOT Geforce GTX 470' as well. Adding a coupon for 5 free points and I'm sure these will sell by the dozen.

galaxy.pngThough I am not sure what is supposed to be custom about it besides the sticker, Expreview is showing a couple of photos of Galaxy's upcoming GeForce GTX 480 and a custom-design GeForce GTX 470. We’ve managed to grab some juicy pictures of Galaxy GeForce GTX 470 and GTX 480. Noteworthily, Galaxy GTX 470 has employed gray frosted design instead of the black design of reference board to make it look even cooler. The card is marked with an eye-catching tag of “Fermi GPU inside”. Galaxy is also thoughtful enough to label nearby the power connector that “at least 550W of power supply is required”.

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