Dancop Wins Pro OC 2016 Championship, Round 2

The second Round of the Pro OC Championship on OC-ESPORTS just came to a conclusion, and as with round one of the contest we once again find World No.1 overclocker Dancop is leading the pack. The Pro OC Championship is the peak of Extreme Overclocking, running throughout the year with three rounds, each featuring five individual stages that open up for a few days at a time. At the end of Round 2 we find Dancop is tied with Sweden’s Rauf at the top of the table, with the German awarded the win having won three of the five contest stages. Let’s have a look at the stages and scoring in a little more detail.

The Road to Pro competition series in its entirety includes seven Challenger Divisions where overclockers of all levels and abilities are invited to compete throughout the year across a wide array of hardware and benchmarks. It also includes the Pro OC Championship, a contest exclusively for Elite and Extreme overclockers to compete for prizes and the title of Pro OC Champion 2016.

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