[HWBOT X] Extreme OC Workshop at FIAP University, São Paulo

Brazil’s top overclocking talent organized an event at the FIAP University in São Paulo, Brazil, one of the country’s foremost Technical Universities. Fitted out with laboratories and a large auditorium, it’s an ideal venue to showcase the world of overclocking to an audience of technically gifted and knowledgeable young people.

Rbuass, Brazil’s leading OC proponent, evangelist and the country’s No.1 ranked overclocker, was at the center of things as usual, conducting extreme overclocking demos for students in attendance at the event.

The event covered a broad spectrum of Overclocking activities to showcase all segments of the overclocking scene. As well as traditional benchmarking with Cinebench, 3DMark and others to show how performance can be improved by overclocking your system, the event also covered real life applications for overclocking. These include demonstrating the advantages that an overclocked system can have for tasks such as video editing and rendering and file compression for example.

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