[HWBOT X] Overclock.net Host Overclocking at Good Game Con 2016

The guys from Overclock.net hosted a small section of the Good Game Con 2016 eSports event over the weekend of May 21st and 22nd 2016. Good Game Con is in fact one of North America’s largest eSports events, this year attracting over 4000 attendees and 400,000 unique online viewers. Good Game Con attempts to amalgamate several of Canada’s, and in particular Toronto’s gaming communities. this year it also attracted the attendance of Overclock.net, one of the world’s largest PC enthusiast and overclocking forums.

As well as being a community meetup with competitive gaming on titles like CS:GO, Dota 2 and LOL, the event also attracted several Extreme overclockers who used the opportunity to get together for a social event to share knowledge and ideas and of course, get down to some serious sub-zero overclocking.

North America World Series winner marc0053, who also happens to be ranked as Canada’s No.1 extreme overclocker on HWBOT, was in attendance at the event benching his Core i7 6700K on an ASRock Z170 OC Formula.

Read the full blog article here on HWBOT X.

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