Intel Needs a Core i3 K – Here are 5 Reasons Why

Six months after the reveal of the overclocking capabilities of locked Intel 6th Gen Core Skylake processors, data analysis of the HWBOT enthusiast community suggests that Intel should genuinely consider launching an enthusiast-grade, unlocked Core i3 product. We look at five arguments in favor of a Core i3 K processor. (NASDAQ:INTC)

For all processor architectures prior to the second generation of Intel’s Core product line-up, the base clock frequency was unlocked and overclockable for all parts. Intel’s product segmentation was (and still is) defined by a locked CPU ratio, restricting the final processor operating frequency.

In recent years, new variants of Turbo Boost automatic overclocking have enabled higher operating frequencies for locked processors. But for PC performance enthusiasts there are but a few purchasing options; the -K or -X processor series. On mainstream platforms, there are exactly two options: a Core i5 (i.e. i5-6600K) and a Core i7 (i.e. i7-6700K).

Read the full opinion piece on HWinsights.

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