[OC Guide] How To Voltage Mod a Nvidia GT 710

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If you have ever considered vmodding a graphics card, you will probably be aware that it does actually require quite a specific skill set. Newlife, a key member of the Australia OC team on HWBOT, has been kind enough however to put together a pretty detailed guide that deals specifically with the task of Vmodding an Nvidia GT 710.

The idea of voltage modding or vmodding is to allow an overclocker to push the voltage beyond the stock settings of the graphics card. It can a be tricky procedure, even for experienced overclockers, involving a pair of steady hands that know how to use a soldering iron plus a pretty deep understanding of how the card’s power delivery works. Get it wrong, and the odds are that you have just killed your card. All which makes a very compelling argument for following the advice of a seasoned pro who can show you exactly how it should be done.

Newlife has based this vmodding guide on the very affordable GT 710 GPU from Nvidia. Why choose an entry level GPU? Well, for two very good reasons that I can think of. Firstly, the fact that a GT 710 card will only cost you something in the region of $35-$40 USD means that vmod newbies can hack away with a soldering iron safe in the knowledge that complete and total and failure will not result in a an empty bank account. Secondly the GT 710 just happens to be the GPU of choice for an exciting new overclocking contest that is about to kick off on OC-ESPORTS. More on that in the days to come.

You can check out the guide from Newlife in all its glory here on Overclockers.com.au.

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