Intel XTU V6.1.2.8 Available - Updated with Broadwell-E Support, Defect Fixes

Overclockers who have made the leap in the world of Broadwell-E will be pleased to hear that the latest version of the Intel XTU benchmark and tuning utility is now available on HWBOT. Today we shared a link to download the latest version on the 'XTU Version Library' forum thread on HWBOT, so get it while it’s hot folks!

The latest version from Intel is in fact version the main feature is of course support for the new Broadwell-E processor family of HEDT chips. Despite having an official release date of June 13th 2016, approximately two weeks after launch, Intel has yet to update their official download page which currently offers version only. Regardless, the latest is now available to all overclockers and features the following:

  • Installation and platform support for Next generation Intel® Core™ processor family.
  • Introduce per core monitors (Frequencies, Voltage and Utilization).
  • Defect fixes.
  • You can download XTU version here on the HWBOT forum.

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