ASUS Edge Up Publish Broadwell-E Ambient Overclocking Guide

If you have recently invested a significant wedge in a Core i7 6950X processor, it’s a fair assumption that you’d want to get the most from it. The good news is that ASUS, along with veteran overclocker and tech writer Raja Gill, have come up with a pretty comprehensive guide that covers pretty much every aspect of overclocking your new Broadwell-E chip using water cooling.

Raja has clearly had ample time to explore Intel’s new HEDT platform in every possible detail, which puts him in a position to share his findings with rest of us. The article, published on the ASUS Edge Up website, paints a very vivid picture in terms of what to expect from a Core i7 6950X under a variety of conditions. There’s reams of objective data that should help put things into perspective for ambient overclockers, including data regarding stability expectations at various frequencies, Vcore voltages and load temperatures using various cooling methods.

Another useful addition is the inclusion of data gleaned after testing hundreds of Broadwell-E CPUs – including the percentage of CPUs that are capable of achieving certain frequencies at specific voltages. Plus, they have included plenty of information and advice regarding expectations for memory and uncore frequency tuning. The upshot is a pretty useful guide that will help any ASUS motherboard user find a solid, stable overclock.

The full guide can be found here on the ASUS Edge Up website.

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