Sunflower GTX 480 Non-reference PCB surfaced

The biggest task of the VGA manufacturers who want to create an in-house developed PCB design for the GTX 480 will be getting rid of the excessive amount of heat.

taiyanfa11.jpgNVIDIA GeForce GTX 480/470 is published, various manufacturers are clearly optimistic about this new product, have resorted to tricks to attract non-public version of the public. Sunflower also plans to introduce domestic self-designed products of non-public version of GTX480 and GTX470. Sunflower has already done the GTX480's PCB design, only to be sent east to NVIDIA GPU on the energy production on the market. From the figure of GTX480 PCB can be seen, this non-public version used 6pin +6 pin power supply interface to. For this reason, I deliberately consulted sunflowers, informed 6pin +6 pin enough to provide a stable power supply card, I believe power down than the public version.

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