'AMD Overdrive' Rebranded as 'Wattman', Brings Per State Control of Clocks and Voltages

It’s just two days to go until the AMD Radeon RX 480 officially becomes available on the market, but it appears that the technology rumor mill is pretty much up to speed on what to expect from AMD’s new Polaris-based graphics card. One thing that we noted a week or so ago was unconfirmed news that the company would be updating its somewhat dated AMD Overdrive app, a utility that allowed limited GPU tweaking from within the OS. Today it seems that the news has been largely confirmed with a the new tweaking app apparently rebranded as ‘Wattman’.

According to Graphics Card rumor-masters at Videocardz.com, Sapphire briefly posted a webpage showcasing the new RX 480 card which included some features under the heading ‘Game Changing Control’, a title that would appear to indicate how AMD is actually trying to woo consumers who want to actively tweak and push their VGA card. One of the bullet points mentions ‘Wattman’ as being the successor to ‘Overdrive’:

“Radeon Wattman (formerly AMD Overdrive). Push your hardware to the limits. Radeon settings takes customization to a whole new level with per state control over clocks, voltages and temperature.”

It certainly appears that AMD is actively encouraging enthusiasts to tweak and push the new RX 480 cards something they haven’t done in the past. It’s also a move that is in many ways in contrast to the stance from Nvidia for example who are usually much more concerned with limiting the tweaking experience for the most part. In truth though, I have to say that although ‘Wattman’ as name does indicate the ability to adjust voltages, it’s not exactly the catchiest, or most attractive of names.

You can find his the full story here on Videocardz.com.


Taiwan sdougal says:

More evidence of AMD actively trying to market to overclockers?

FlanK3r says:

this is good for air overlcocking. I heard, the soft is limited to 1400 MHz at core for RX 480...

Germany der8auer says:

I don't really get the hype for 480X. I tested it and the performance is on 290X level and the card will be ~250-260€ in Germany?

Even the GTX970 is faster and is available for 250€ new in Germany

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Roman party pooper.... if this is true its another bag of air :confused:

It's VR ready and in Xfire config tops the 10series cards according the press presentation... :)

Belgium Massman says:

They claimed that showing Ashes of the Singularity, which is AMD-optimized. [MENTION=4430]der8auer[/MENTION]: tested with the latest drivers that support Polaris? What's the performance in AOTS?

Australia zeropluszero says:

Yeh but what does it do in Firestrike?

Germany der8auer says:

5350 FSX, 10400 FS. 6700K @ 4.5 Latest driver by AMD for Polaris

Australia zeropluszero says:

I don't know what that translates to on nvidia

Germany der8auer says:

GTX970 performs on the same level

United Kingdom GeorgeStorm says:

I thought it was meant to be cheaper than that? 200usd I thought, so shouldn't be as much as 250EUR surely?

Germany der8auer says:

yea distributors can buy it for 200 USD but then you have to add VAT + margin. 250 at best.

Belgium Massman says:

AMD's sub-Reddit is on fire lol

Australia newlife says:

As long as I can mod and OC these cards I'm happy Although the rumours about sub 1400mhz clocks is pretty sad

Germany der8auer says:

My card did 1240 stock without OC. Didnt have time to test OC tho

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

So far the Wattman control give us up to 1.15v, I wonder how these chips will performs on 1.25-1.3V range.

Australia zeropluszero says:

Massman said: AMD's sub-Reddit is on fire lol

A reddit meltdown? surely not

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

I got RX 480 8GB for USD 190, but will arrived mid july. I got this special price :D
But as far as i know this is R9 380/GTX 960 4GB replacement. So for that price/performance is really good. And i hope it will scale with voltage like e-die :p

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