AMD Radeon RX 480 Tear Down Photos and Clock Speeds Leaked

Photos are surfacing showing a full tear down of the forthcoming AMD Radeon 480 card from AMD thanks to the chaps over at VideoCardZ. The card featured in the images is in fact a Sapphire RX 480. Newegg also managed to flirt with NDA destruction with a product listing that outlined that the card will use a 1,120MHz base clock and 1,266GHz boost clock. Coupled together with six pin power socket, 150 watt TDP and what looks like six stage VRM, we are now starting to a fuller picture of what a Polaris-based RX 480 card is all about.

We are just days away from the launch of AMD’s Radeon RX 480 card, the top SKU graphics card to feature the all new Polaris-architecture GPUs. Polaris joins AMD’s Zen CPU architecture as two of the things we are most looking forward to seeing from AMD this year. At Computex a few weeks ago the company announced the arrival of the RX 480 and its lower than expected $199 price tag. Last week we also discovered that the new cards will be armed with an updated and improved overclocking tool that will include voltage controls – good news for overclockers, who in general prefer to have access to as much under the hood as possible.

The tear down images reveal the full naked PCB which includes the VRM, the 14nm Polaris 10 XT GPU and other adjacent chips. You can also see what appears to be AMD’s reference cooler design. Check all of the pictures from the tear down here on VideoCardz.

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