[PRO OC] Splave's DDR4 Memory Maintenance Guide Featuring HyperX Fury Black

Pro OC overclocker Allen "Splave" Golibersuch explains how to perform proper memory maintenance to keep your DDR4 memory in perfect condition

Memory of late has been gaining a real cult following with members of the overclocking community being more knowledgeable on IC ("integrated circuit") types and binning than ever. This is because increasingly tighter timings and higher frequencies can making a noticeable difference to your system's performance.

To push memory we need to have a nice clean, short trace with a strong signal. Motherboard manufacturers have even started making these great, small edition, two-DIMM slot motherboards with the DIMM slots right next to the socket to take advantage of this. Also, companies like HyperX are now pushing the boundaries of performance with their memory sticks. The key is not to interfere with their hard work by creating issues from poor contact of the memory module's "gold fingers".

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Belgium Massman says:

Very valuable information, thanks for sharing!! :celebration:

Noxinite says:

Now to go clean all my ram sticks. :/ Thanks for the guide, I guess I now know the problems I was having.

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Nice one :)

United States GtiJason says:

Good write-up Splave, I can't say enough about how important it is to keep a good connection. Just look at some of the recent ddr3 results we've been seeing. Ever since you first told me about this over a year ago I've been telling all my buddies/teamates. I use the QD Contact Cleaner in my mem slots and sometimes even cpu socket. Just remember that it will damage conformal coating, LET etc. basically it disolves if your not careful. Some brands are very cold and can make plastics or anything fragile brittle and can crack/shatter. Just use some shop towels to protect your board and don't just soak everything. I make sure I have a fan running so there is some air movement and spray lightly but often, like you are doing first coat of primer.

I bought some 2x4gb ddr3 TridentX HYKO's and they were always my worst Samsung kit. That is until the day I cleaned them, over 6 months later.

I bought them binned for this

Cleaned them up with a bit of this

and now they do this


Belgium Massman says:

Wow, [MENTION=60274]GtiJason[/MENTION] :eek:

Poland phobosq says:

Hmmm but that covers only half of it, how am I supposed to put eraser in the DIMM socket? :D Good writing, thanks Allen!

United States Splave says:

For the slot I like to use a hair dryer in combination with contact cleaner and an air compressor :) and always store mobos upside down or in a box to avoid as much dust skin cells and lint in the air

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