Sapphire HD 5870 2GB Toxic Edition Review

Next to the MSI R5870 Lightning, the Gigabyte R5870 Super Overclock and the Asus Matrix R5870, Sapphire is the fourth VGA manufacturer to produce a customized 5870. Hope it clocks beyond 1450MHz GPU ...

In our opinion, Sapphire hit the nail straight on the head with their HD 5870 Toxic but it's also important to remember that it can't perform the miracles many people were hoping it would. There were many that had unrealistic expectations that a HD 5870 equipped with 2GB of memory would somehow be the silver bullet that put an end to the GTX 480 even before it got off the ground. Let's make this clear right from the start: that's not going to happen. Nonetheless, this card is able to play with the big boys and offers excellent performance across every single game without the performance drop-off at 2560 x 1600 which plagues NVIDIA's flagship products.

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