Dancop Wins Pro Oc Round 2, Stage 4 with wPrime 32M Global 1st Place

Last weekend the Pro OC Cup on OC-ESPORTS opened its doors once again, with Stage 4 coming in to play and a fight centered on benching wPrime 32M using Intel’s Z170 platform. The winner for the second time this Round was World No.1 Dancop who managed to take top spot with a score submission that is in fact the fastest 4x CPU wPrime 32M ever submitted on HWBOT.

Dancop pushed an Intel Core i7 6700K to within an inch of its life, clocked at 6,635.44MHz which is an impressive +65.89% beyond stock settings. Using an ASUS Maximus VIII Impact motherboard Dancop also configured his G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 memory at 1,810MHz (CL12.0 12-12-28 1T). This configuration managed a Global 1st Place ranked score of just 2sec 984ms. Interestingly this score was in fact equaled one day later with Sofos1990 submitting an identical score with an i7 6700K clocked at 6,593MHz (+64.82%). Dancop retains the Global 1st Place having been first to submit. The submission earns him 118.2 points for the 32M 4x CPU ranking and 31.2 points for the i7 6700K ranking.

The nearest contender on the leaderboard of the Pro OC cup was Rauf with a run in 3sec 26ms thanks to an i7 6700K pushed to 6,544MHz (+63.60%). He was followed by Swiss overclockers racoon who scored 3sec 77ms. Xtreme Addict, Splave and DrWeez follow. The overall leaderboard for Round 2 of this year’s Pro OC cup has the mercurial Swede Rauf in top spot with a total of 37 points, narrowly fending off pressure from Dancop who is breathing down his neck on 36 points. You would have to say that it looks pretty much like a two horse race at this stage with Argentina’s nacho_arroyo some way behind on 25 points. Third place is certainly up for grabs however with South Africa’s DrWeez on the same 25 points.

You can check out the full scoring and submissions on the Pro OC Round 2, Stage 4 contest page here on OC-ESPORTS website. Dancop’s out wPrime Global 1st Place submission can be found here.

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