Leaked Roadmap Indicates Kaby Lake to Arrive at CES 2017

A leaked roadmap has been discovered by Chinese tech bloggers at Benchlife, seemingly indicating the launch schedule for the forthcoming Kaby Lake platform from Intel. The road map deals with the production cycle for Kaby Lake, outlining the Quality Sampling, Mass Production and RTS (Ready to Ship) dates for the mew mainstream platform. The crucial information gleaned today is that the RTS schedule appears to land just in time for CES 2017.

Other details gleaned from the leaked document indicate that the high-end i7 models will feature a 4+2 configuration with four CPUs and a pair of GPUs in the die. These will be ready to ship in December with a view to hitting the market in early 2017 in time for a PR assault at the CES Show in Las Vegas. The document outlines that 2+2 models, presumably Core i3 and Pentium SKUs, that will arrive later in the Spring.

While we should always treat leaked documents with a touch of caution, we do know that Kaby lake will be the first of what Intel describes as the new Architecture, Process, Optimization cadence that replaces the ‘Tick-Tock’ cadence of recent years. It could also be described as Skylake’s version of Haswell’s Devils Canyon, an optimized and updated version of the Skylake processors we have today.


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