Sofos1990 Claims GPUPI for CPU 1B Global 1st Place

The world of overclocking records is at times fickle, fleeting and damn right cruel. One day you’re king of the hill, a few weeks later you’re not even on the hill. Today however Greek OC master Sofos1990 will be enjoying the giddy sensation that can often accompany a new Global 1st Place thanks to some fantastic work pushing a Skylake 6700K processor to hit the highest score in GPUPI for CPU 1B ever recorded using a quad core processor.

Sofos1990 pushed his Core i7 6700K to 6,650MHz a very impressive +66.25% beyond the chip’s stock settings, allowing him to complete a GPUPI for CPU 1B run in just 3min 55sec 760ms. Sofos also used a G.SKILL Trident Z kit configured at 1949.5MHz and a GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force LN2 motherboard.

The run of 3min 55sec 760ms is just ahead of the previous best which was submitted by Frenchman Zwitterion just a month ago, also using an i7 6700K which he pushed to 6,630MHz (+65.75%) to complete a run in 3min 56sec 82ms.

The submission from Sofos1990 has earned our Greek buddy a few extra points that might just help him maintain his position on the Elite OC league where he currently stands in 8th place on 1809.70 points. He receives 104.4 points for the 4x CPU global ranking, plus an additional 20.2 points for the Core i7 6700K ranking. Well done Sofos!

You can check out the Sofos1990 submission here on HWBOT, plus all the global rankings for the GPUPI for CPU 1B right here.

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