[PRO OC] DrWeez Worklog #25: ProOC Championship 2016 - Round 2 Stage 5

Extreme overclocker Andrew "DrWeez" Roberts streams his overclocking sessions twice a week on his Twitch channel.

This is DrWeez' log for the overclocking session he held in the afternoon of June 16th, 2016. In this session he was benching for the Pro OC Championship 2016 Round 2 – Stage 5 on 3DMark06.

The plan for the night was 3DMark06 overclocking and according to Andrew's estimations he'd be able to run around 6.35, 6.4-ish GHz on the processor at 4 cores 8 threads. The VGA card was clock to a very mild 1468 to the max score he could achieve on air with 2100 on the memory.

"Now I thought I would be able to crack the top 20 and unfortunately I came up a little bit short. And I managed to only post a score but just over 60k. It is a personal best for me, which is always great to see, but unfortunately that won’t get me to the top 20 and it won’t be very competitive for the ProOC …

All in all, it was a great session once again using the HyperX 2666 C15 memory. It’s very easy to overclock and you can see from the video (replay here) I didn’t used any profiles for today other than what ROG supplies. And this is as 1,2,3 to improve your score – like it did."

Full article at OC-ESPORTS.io

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