AMD RX 480 to Arrive with Updated Overclocking Tool, Includes Voltage Control

The AMD RX 480 was announced at Computex a few weeks ago, billed as an affordable graphics card that punched way above its weight in relation to its $199 price tag. AMD is marketing the card as bringing VR to the masses, and indeed it should be a real alternative to the Nvidia’s new 10 series for PC gamers. But what about overclockers, does the card have much room to wiggle in terms of clocks and voltages? According to WCCFTech, the Polaris-based AMD RX 480 has plenty in the tank from an overclocking perspective, capable of 1.5GHz on air cooling with the company even offering an improved overclocking tool that includes voltage adjustment. According to WCCFTech:

“With the Radeon RX 480 and the RX 400 series in general AMD wants every user to be able to extract even more value out of their RX 400 series graphics card. Beyond what they’d normally get straight out of the box. The key to achieve this is to make overclocking more accessible, more convenient and more valuable. This is where AMD’s new overclocking tool will play an instrumental role in supercharging the bang behind every buck.”

“We’ve detailed sometime ago that AMD’s new RX 400 series featured more sophisticated boost function and on-chip and voltage regulation hardware. The new tool takes full advantage of that to make overclocking easier, more straightforward and deliver better results. AMD’s new overclocking tool will include an assortment of features, including voltage control.”

If this true and AMD are indeed allowing users to overclock RX 480 cards with access to voltages, it is a refreshing change from we have seen from GPU vendors in the past. According to reports the RX 480 overclocking tool is a redesign of AMD’s OverDrive utility and will include new features like clock profiles, performance monitoring and more.

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Taiwan sdougal says:

Any excitement out there for Polaris?

United States Strong Island says:

this is awesome news. Any company that is thinking of overclocking and trying to make it more accessible should be celebrated here and supported. It would be fun to try something different.

websmile says:

I might indeed upgrade my 280GTX and get an amd... :D

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Well so far AMD wasn't limiting OCing but wasn't supporting it or helping vendors at all. NVIDIA tends to "limit" it as much as possible and control everything, including memory timings in BIOS, giving later vendors some LN2 XOC BIOSes to bypass the limits in drivers itself, but those are not always working correctly. If AMD now chooses the path of supporting XOC it might also change NVIDIA's policy :)

FlanK3r says:

I saw OC core around the 1500 MHz, if it was not fake, seems awesome!

Russian Federation Ananerbe says:

Australia zeropluszero says:

Are we really still linking WCCFTech?

Belgium Massman says:

[MENTION=7064]Ananerbe[/MENTION]: those are confirmed performance results?

Romania Bruno says:

Somehow, I don't think RX480 works with driver 16.5.2. :)

United States MR. Horse says:

That's card looks thick in that photo. nice price too, but I don't get how this will make VR adorable? My $250 PC does VR stuff perfectly fine. ok ok, maybe I can't play the newest games on max... but really...

Belgium Massman says:

What kind of VR are you running with $250 of hardware?

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