[PRO OC] DrWeez Worklog #24: ProOC Championship 2016 – Round 2 Stage 4

Extreme overclocker Andrew "DrWeez" Roberts streams his overclocking sessions twice a week on his Twitch channel.

Today the plan was to bench the wPrime 32m stage for the Pro OC Championship 2016. This is Round 2 Stage 4.

So I’m using my good old Caseking CPU and I estimated based on what it has been able to do in the past about a 6.4 GHz on 4 cores 8 threads wPrime 32m run. And that prediction was absolutely spot on. So I manage to run for around 3.109s. That put me tied for 14th place on HWBOT with four other guys. My efficiency was for the efforts I put in spot-on as well … of course, I could have improved slightly, but for the amount of time I have to get these runs in, I think it wasn’t too bad.

Once again, the plan was to just to get the Pro OC Championship going now that I’m back from #computex. And coming up later this week, I’m going to to the next round. As I will be away next week on vacation, I have to get all the rounds completed this week in advance. So, the fifth stage that’s coming up is on 3DMark06 . I plan to do that on Thursday and yeah, that will be be streamed live on my channel as usual.

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