Dancop Wins Pro OC Round 2, Stage 3 with 3Dmark05 Hardware 1st Place

Last weekend saw the 2nd Round of the Pro OC contest on OC-ESPORTS march on, with the contest opening for submissions in Stage 3 of the competition. Stage 3 is all about competing on the classic 3DMark05 benchmark using a single GPU and any Z170 motherboard. The eventual winner was Dancop who managed to pull off a convincing win with a 3DMark run generating 84,490 marks. This helps the current World No.1 get back in the race with his first stage win of the contest so far and a total of 26 points which puts him in second place on the Round 2 leaderboard.

The winning submission from Dancop not surprisingly involved an i7 6700K and a ASUS GTX 980 Ti Matrix Platinum Edition card, both tuned to perfection. The Skylake CPU was pushed to a nice 6,721MHz (+68.03%) on LN2 while the GPU was configured at 1,600MHz (+48.70%) for the GPU and 2,150MHz (+22.65%) for the memory. Other system details include a G.SKILL Trident Z lit a 1,880MHz (CL12.0 12-12-28 1T), an ASUS Maximus VIII Impact and a Seasonic Platinum 1200 watt PSU.

It’s interesting to note that Dancop’s submission is actually the 3DMark05 Global Hardware 1st Place for a 1x GTX 980 Ti card – in other words the fastest single GPU GTX 90 Ti score ever submitted in the 3DMark05 database. Not bad going.

Dancop’s efforts narrowly beat second place finisher and overall Round leader Rauf from Sweden who used similar hardware to score 84,036 marks. In third place we have Argentina’s nacho_arroyo with a run of 81,897 marks. This all leaves the Pro OC Round 2 leaderboard fairly compact at the top of the table with only three points separating the top three just mentioned.

You can check out the winning submission from Dancop here on HWBOT. You can also find the full scores and standings for Round 2, Stage 3 here on OC-ESPORTS.

Also, don’t forget as part of the Pro OC Program this year, you can also enjoy some exclusive content generated throughout the contest. Check out this preparation session video from South Africa’s DrWeez, it’s a great fly-on-the-wall account of all the hard work that goes into overclocking at this level.

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