Throwback Thursday: Anandtech on Overclocking, HWBOT and the GIGABYTE OC Lab

Each Thursday we select a news piece from the same month from a few years ago. It’s just a bit of nostalgic fun for more seasoned HWBOT members to enjoy, as well as a reminder of how things used to be for our newer members. This week we look back to almost exactly three years ago when GIGABYTE opened their doors after a long and fun filled Computex to host an Overclock event at their newly opened OC Lab.

Back then I used to work for GIGABYTE so I can distinctly remember Ian Cutress from Anandtech taking notes and chatting to overclockers at the event, the culmination of which ended up being the basis of a really good article on Anandtech. The article got a pretty good reception from the OC community, who in fairness were not so used to seeing exposure from web publications of the stature of Anandtech. Here’s sample of what Ian ‘Borandi’ Cutress had to say about GIGABYTE’s newly built OC Lab, an interesting read for anyone who hasn’t been there:

“The walls are top to bottom with cupboards hiding all manner of broken and to-be-broken hardware, spare motherboards, trays of CPUs or memory (pre-tested and binned), and on the floor are several plastic boxes filled with dead hardware. These are either failed modification attempts, burned out phases, or hardware that died while being overclocked. Every so often I came across a dead Titan PCB and wept softly.”

Check out the original post which was first published on HWBOT on June 20th 2013. You can also find the full Anandtech article here.

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