Cinebench R15 8x Global 1st Place Fight: Update – Xtreme Addict Wins Back Title

Yesterday we wrote about an intriguing battle between Xtreme Addict and The Overclocking Knights who have been involved a tug of war over the 8x CPU Cinebench R15 benchmark Global 1st Place. It all originates from an epic fight with The Overclocking Knights defending a record going back a few months now when Dancop and der8auer were also trying the best to claim the 8x title.

Today we can bring you an update: Xtreme Addict has re-claimed the record with a score of 2,449 cb points, which puts him just ahead of The Overclocking Knights who are once again back in second place with 2445 cb points. Once again we wait with baited breath to see if the Knights have anything in reserve.

The submission was made using a Core i7 5690X pumped to 5,980MHz (+99.33%) using an ASUS Rampage Extreme V motherboard. The score is worth 89.7 points for the 8x CPU ranking and 49.6 hardware points for the i7 5960X ranking.

You can check out the Global 1st Place submission here, as well as the 8x rankings page here. Have The Overclocking Knights got anything left in the tank? Time will tell.

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