[Video] Tek Syndicate Check Out HWBOT World Tour 2016

The dust has now well and truly settled on the Asian leg of the HWBOT World Tour 2016 which ran for the duration of last week, and what a good time we all had too. The press event held on the very first day was a great chance not only to launch the World Tour itself, but also to hold court and have a chat with several media that had landed in Taipei for Computex 2016.

I had a chat with the guys at Tek Syndicate who were in attendance to shoot some videos for their YouTube channel and of course learn what we had in store for the week ahead. We gave them a basic run down of the World Tour event including the OC Workshops that were happening to lure the less initiated in to the world of overclocking as well as the World Series Asia contest with big cash prizes and more at stake.

Wendall, Tek Syndicate’s presenter took in the sights and sounds of the event, including of course lots of extreme overclocking where Broadwell-E also made its first ever appearance in public. Check out the Tek Syndicate video here

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