[Video] Nordic Hardware Talk to MAD from Galax About the GTX 1080 HoF

Tech media from all around the world descend on Taipei during Computex 2016, a trade show which gives the entire PC industry of Taiwan a chance to speak to the world’s media face to face. Nordic Hardware managed to get some quality time with MAD Tse, an in-house overclocker from GALAX who was busy showing of the GTX 1080 Hall of Fame card which MAD explains can reach speeds of up to 2.5GHz on sub-zero cooling. Anton Karmehed had a chat about the potential of the new ‘Pascal’-based 1080 chips from Nvidia from an overclocking perspective.

“Basically the [GTX]1080, the card is pretty good at overclocking interms of air-cooling or even extreme. For the regular 1080, or a custom 1080 like us, the HoF series, pretty can clock up to 2.2GHz [on] air and about 2.5-2.6GHz under extreme cooling.” .

MAD goes on to explain that despite the reference design, or Founders Edition as Nvidia now market the cards, having only a single 8-pin power connector, that this is not in his opinion a limitation. MAD explains that the main difference between the reference and the custom design is that the reference design was using an analog PWM, whereas the Hall of fame design is in fact using a digital PWM, which makes it easier to tweak the voltage and GPU clock via software.

MAD also explained that although the 1080 cards have to really make dent in the superiority of the 980 Ti card that still out-perform GTX 1080 card in many benchmarks, he reckons that it’s just a matter of time before overclockers eventually overcome voltage and other issues to get the most out of the new chips. MAD is hopeful of eventually hitting 2.8GHz and hopefully (said with a a wry smile) also breaking the mythical 3.0GHz barrier.

Watch the full interview here on Nordic Hardware .

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