[Video] Leeghoofd and der8auer Talk to PC World About Benching Broadwell-E

Here’s a video featuring HWBOT members der8auer and Leegheefd talking to PC World during the press event held at the HWBOT booth at Computex last week. Roman was giving a demo of extreme Overclocking using a Core i7 6950X Broadwell chip, pushing it from 3.0GHz to 5.2GHz on stage during the event. The video also shows overclockers prepping their motherboards for sub-zero cooling with an interview with our very own Leeghoofd who explains the advantages of Broadwell and how for overclockers, the launch of a new CPU is like having a brand new toy to play with.

One major motivation for the HWBOT World Tour is to try and promote Overclocking to the masses, attending gaming events where people who have never heard of Overclocking can get a first taste in the OC Workshop and then watch the pros benching competitively on LN2. Last week’s World Tour leg event during Computex 2016 helped to further bring Overclocking to a more mainstream audience. This video from PC World is a good example of that – plus, it’s great to the see so many overclockers from around the world busily doing what they do best with global media in attendance.

Roman Hartung, a product engineer from Berlin’s CaseKing, was pouring some of this into a container vessel on top of a Broadwell-E chip. The chip was running at around -110 degrees Celsius, which is the coldest the chip will run, he said. Any colder and it shuts down. He had the chip running at about 5.2GHz but said he had previously pushed it to 5.7GHz.

Hartung said the chip showed strong gaming performance, beating out Intel’s previous Haswell-E gaming chip that could actually be pushed faster. “Even if we can only run these chips at 5.3GHz, it still beats Haswell-E running at 5.8GHz,” he said. “Even with 500MHz less, the performance is better. This means the efficiency training [Intel] did is quite good.”

Catch the video and article here on PC World, or alternately, click the image above.

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